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Parents & Families

The Career Services & Internship Program Office provides comprehensive career development support for all BSU students and alumni. Whether your student is considering a career in the arts, education, science, business, government, nonprofit, or technology sectors, our professional advisors are here to help them explore and plan for their career pursuits.

Supporting students’ career development is crucial for their future success. As parents and family members, you play a vital role in guiding and encouraging them. We encourage you to review the Rights and Responsibilities for Job Seekers, Employers, and Career Centers put forth by NACE as we uphold these standards at BSU. Meanwhile, here are some practical steps you can take:

Encourage Career Exploration: As the world of work continues to evolve, there are many career options and career pathways. We recommend that students utilize their college years to explore various career options through participation of experiential learning opportunities such as internships, research, class projects, service learning, on or off-campus employment, and campus programs. Parents and family members can encourage students to engage in these experiences to develop career skills and competencies and gain further insight into themselves and the choices before them.

Acquire World of Work Knowledge: Help your students learn about different professions and industries. Discuss various career paths, job roles, and workplace dynamics. Exposure to real-world scenarios can broaden their perspective. Refer your students to Handshake to explore jobs and internships and participate in career development events and programs. Our professional advisors are here to help your students to design their own career development journey, so don’t hesitate to encourage them to schedule an appointment with us through Handshake.

Participate in Career Programs and Trainings: Our office offers a variety of resources and program offerings for students.  Skill-building workshops on topics such as resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies, using LinkedIn, networking, and applying to graduate school are also offered throughout the year. Students receive regular communications from us, so remind them to stay informed about career resources, workshops, and training opportunities, along with opportunities to attend career fairs, industry panels, and networking events. We also encourage parents and families to share job or internship leads available at your organization and encourage your employer to explore recruitment partnerships with us.

Remember, your support and guidance can significantly impact your student’s career journey. By actively participating and fostering a positive environment, you contribute to their growth and success. We look forward to working with you and your student.



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