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International Students

Resources for International Students and Scholars

The Career Services & Internship Program Office works closely with international students at BSU as they navigate all aspect of career development, from career exploration to preparing job search materials to understanding the job interview process. Whether you are exploring internships and job opportunities in the United States or globally, we encourage you to work closely with our career advisors throughout this process.

Your Role as an International Student

It is important for international students to understand their visa status, eligibility to obtain work authorizations, and the job search process. Be sure to work closely with the International Students and Scholars Services Office (ISSS) to understand the latest guidelines and regulations.

Searching for a Job and Internship in the United States

It is essential for international students to fully understand their eligibility to work in the United States. Keep up to date with information from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regarding work authorization. Unless you are working on campus, you will obtain work authorization under CPT or OPT to pursue jobs and internships off-campus. Please connect with the ISSS before accepting any positions to ensure you comply with your visa requirements.

When applying for opportunities, companies may ask you the question – Will you now or in the future require sponsorship? Answer as truthfully as possible. For example, if you are an international student on an F-1 visa and want to work in the United States after your OPT finishes, then the answer to this question is yes.

A company who accepts OPT and/or CPT is willing to hire international students who have OPT and/or CPT. This does not necessarily mean they will provide sponsorship (H1B), and it is up to you to talk to your employer about whether they will sponsor you to stay with the organization after your OPT finishes.

Benefits of Being an International Student or Scholar

For many international students, applying for jobs in the United States and connecting with employers and alumni can be daunting, and it may feel very different from how you apply for jobs back home. In the US job search process, we encourage you to make connections with industry professionals and employers early and often (i.e. Networking). A great way to start is to find alumni who are from similar backgrounds. Check out the BSU Alumni page on LinkedIn or attend events that are listed on Handshake. Having an instant connection through your cultural background can help ease the nerves of networking. You’ll also gain valuable tips about how they networked effectively. Consider highlighting some of these qualities you bring to a job or internship:

  • Cultural diversity and global perspective: This gives you a perspective/mindset that may be different than domestic students.
  • Insight into your field and specialization.
  • Language Skills: Having fluency in multiple languages can benefit you in your work field.
  • Adaptability: Showing employers that you can easily adapt to new cultures, which is a great skill!
  • Demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles: This can help highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

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