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Design Your Careers

Life Design@BSUDesign Your Career and Life while at BSU. 

What Is Life Design@BSU? 

This new initiative developed in the Career Services & Internship Program Office, now building momentum across the campus, helps students think early and often, while at BSU, about where they want to go in their careers and their lives. 

How Does Life Design@BSU Work? 

This approach guides students, through advising, activities, programs, and events, to actively engage in exploring who they are and what they value and then build a vision and action steps to get there.   Overall, they use a 5-step process which helps them to answer “the wicked problems” of career and life.   

These steps include: 

  • Step 1:  Explore who you are and where you want to go. 
  • Step 2: Build a question about your future career or life. 
  • Step 3: Brainstorm ideas to answer that question. 
  • Step 4: Turn those ideas into an action step. 
  • Step 5: Take that action step.  Does that step answer your question? 

How Can I participate in Life Design@BSU? 

The Career Services & Internship Program Office is working with the campus community to introduce this new initiative to students.   At this time, BSU students can participate in Life Design@BSU through the following: 

  • All first year students and in-coming transfers participate in a Life Design-focused Journey to BSU activity during the Crimson Experience.
  • First year and in-coming transfers can also participate in Designing Your BSU, INTD 150, a one-credit, one hour a week course that actively engages students in Life Design@BSU and helps students transition to the university.  Students can find details of this course on InfoBear.
  • The Career Services and Internship Program Office holds events that help students create life and career visions.  Look for programs that include Life Design@BSU in their title.
  • Students can schedule a Life Design@BSU appointment with a Career Services & Internship Program Office advisor. 

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