Tell me about yourself/30-second Introduction

Tell me about yourself.

One of the most important parts of any interview happens in the first few moments when you’re instructed to “tell me about yourself.”  Whether in the initial or in the final round of interviews with the hiring manager, how you respond to this prompt can arguably make or break your entire interview. This is your chance to set the tone and introduce what you believe to be the most important aspects of your qualifications and experience as they relate to the role – this is your chance to talk about one or two key skillsets you would like for them to know about you. Hence, it would be best if you prepared to answer this question before your interviews. Here are two examples of how to respond to this question effectively.

“I’m a senior at Bridgewater State University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English. Throughout my academic journey at BSU, I was actively involved with a student organization and believed this experience prepared me for a career in journalism. At BSU’s Comment student newspaper, I followed the full stotries of the University’s strategic planning process and develop stories interviewing students regarding their input and thoughts.  From that experience, I have gained valuable experience pitching ideas and writing interesting articles capturing diverse perspectives. I have learned the importance of fact-checking and strategies to deliver a compelling story while reducing media bias. This experience reaffirmed my interest in pursuing a journalism career, which led me to pursue this position as a news reporter at the Journal.“

 “Thank you for interviewing me today – I’m excited to share my experience with you and learn more about this role.  I will graduate from BSU in May 2024 with a master’s degree in business.  Throughout my courses, experiences, and activities at BSU, I’ve developed and demonstrated my strategic planning, market research, and creative problem-solving abilities.  For example, I recently led a project where I conducted both quantitative and qualitative market research to determine the impact of trends and cultural shifts on the marketing of credit card products to young professionals. Once the research stage was complete, I worked with my team to create a campaign proposal on financial literacy and a smart way to use credit cards.   With this type of experience, my sense of curiosity, and my skills in working with data, I believe I may have what it takes to make an impact as part of your team.”

30-Second Introduction

A 30-second introduction shares highlights about your interests, experiences, strengths, accomplishments, and goals! Be sure to tailor your introduction to the industry or person you are speaking with. A well-crafted introduction will make a strong first impression. Use your introduction at networking events and career fairs. 

Structure of your 30-second introduction

Your 30-second introduction should include the following four parts:

  • HELLO: my name is…
  • CURRENT ROLE: For students, this could be degree, major and expected graduation.
  • WHAT YOU BRING: highlights from experience, including relevant knowledge or skills developed, accomplishments from school, internships, work, volunteering, research, or activities like clubs, sports, etc. In some cases, you can be explicit about how you would immediately benefit the company.
  • QUESTION: Your interest in this person or a field and what you want to learn from this interaction


My name is Connor, and I am a sophomore at Bridgewater State University. My major is Information Technology with a minor in Spanish. I’m eager to pursue my career as a data scientist because of my strong passion for utilizing data to solve complex problems. I also believe that my work experience as a student leader and previous internship at Google lend me the necessary skills to contribute to [company]. I saw that [company] took great initiative to expand their diversity programs, which drew me to the company. Can you share a bit about the culture of the organization?

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By Gerald Tang
Gerald Tang Executive Director