Resume Tips for Student Athletes

Any student involved in BSU’s athletics programs knows the time and dedication required to participate and balance academics and other on-and off-campus involvement. Don’t underplay your involvement, as it demonstrates teamwork, communication skills, and a commitment to a goal.

Student Athlete Transferable Skill List

Consider including these skills on your resume, in cover letters, and while interviewing.

  • Communication: You always communicate with your teammates and coaches to solve problems, just as necessary in any work environment.
  • Time Management: To balance a full class schedule with athletics you must be extremely efficient, driven and able to work on a tight schedule. Employers desire efficient people who are self disciplined and motivated.
  • Self-Motivation: As a student athlete it is crucial to recognize your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work efficiently towards your ultimate goal. A self-motivated employee increases the efficiency of the office and improves the ultimate level of productivity. They will be the first to seek opportunities.
  • Detail-Oriented: Being detail-oriented allows you to pick up on small cues that can make or break the game. As an athlete you know that little things you do in life affect the whole. In work environments, they need people who can recognize small things that may influence the success of a project.
  • Analytical/Strategy Thinking: Analytical thinking is key to understanding what affects your work’s outcome and executing your strategy to advance your goal. You utilize this skill every time you think about your body position before the next move.
  • Goal Oriented: You work every day to overcome the next hurdle, like bench more or run an extra mile. Employers need workers that will rise to the challenge and work hard until they complete their task motivating others to do the same.
  • Ability to Take Criticism: As an athlete you improve based on the feedback. In any industry, you will need to accept critique to improve and learn on your mistakes. Your reaction shows whether you are willing to grow.

When representing these programs on your resume, consider the following example:

Bridgewater State University, NCAA Division III Men’s Basketball Team, Bridgewater, MA

Team Member, August 2022 – Present 

  • Dedicate 20+ hours per week for practice, conditioning, competition, and team meetings
  • Earned Student-Athlete of the Year in 2023 and served on the Student Athletes Advisory Committee
  • Volunteer at community organizations, including local schools, homeless shelters, and sports camps
  • Consistently traveled throughout the Northeast for athletic contests and regional tournaments
By Gerald Tang
Gerald Tang Executive Director