Empowering Indigenous Futures Career and Resource Fair

The Empowering Indigenous Futures Fair is a unique collaborative effort between National Grid and the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe 477 Employment & Training Program, designed to uplift and empower Indigenous communities through access to diverse opportunities and resources. The fair is structured around key areas that are pivotal for community development and individual career growth in the modern economy.

Career Exploration:
At the fair, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with interactive stations that provide a comprehensive look into the utility sector’s career landscape. These stations will showcase a range of roles from technical to managerial, illustrating the diverse career opportunities available within the industry. This hands-on approach is designed to inform and inspire participants about the various paths they can pursue within this vital sector.’

Personalized Career Support: Recognizing the importance of individualized support in career advancement, the fair will offer personalized resume help and interview guidance. Experienced professionals will be available to assist with resume building, offering tips and critiques to enhance this critical tool. Additionally, mock interviews and coaching sessions will be provided, giving participants the chance to practice their interview skills and receive feedback in a supportive environment.

Energy Assistance and Programs: To address the practical needs of the community, the fair will also provide energy affordability programs, extensive resources on electrification, and weatherization. These resources are geared towards enhancing the living standards of Indigenous communities by making energy more affordable and homes more energy-efficient. Informational booths and presentations will offer insights into how these programs can be accessed and utilized effectively.


By participating in the Empowering Indigenous Futures Fair, attendees will gain valuable insights and access to resources that can significantly impact their personal and professional lives. The event promises to be an empowering experience, fostering growth, sustainability, and resilience among Indigenous populations.

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