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Search for a Job

Finding a job is a process. Job functions and timelines may vary, but the required preparation is similar across all searches. Preparation includes exploring connections between majors and careers, industry research, building your professional network, and writing application materials like a resume and cover letter. Our career advisors and resources can help you prepare and strategize your search process.

Handshake is our career management database where you can access full-time professional positions, internships, career fair event information, on campus interview sign-ups and on-line resources.  All students have an account with your email and corresponding password.  Access Handshake today to see the organizations targeting BSU candidates.

Besides Handshake, consider exploring opportunities through an industry-specific job board or general website. Here is a sample list of industry websites and career resources (note that we are not affiliated with these organizations):

Job Search Tips and Strategies

  • Decide on 2–3 careers/job fields to pursue
  • Network with friends, parents, faculty, alumni, and others to let them know goals and gain advice and referrals
  • Apply to job postings and consider temporary work via temp agencies or gig sites
  • Attend career fairs, company presentations, professional association meetings, and conferences
  • Broaden the scope of job search to include alternative Plans A, B, and C as part of job search strategy
  • Track your applications on a spreadsheet, save all of your materials including job descriptions
  • Prepare for each interview by researching the organization and create a list of field-related questions to ask
  • Follow up after job interviews with thank you emails or cards
  • Research salaries/benefits and know how to negotiate when offers are made
  • Be patient. A full-time job search takes time. Stay positive and take care of yourself throughout the process

Our Job Search Guide details how to get your job search started!  We outline action steps, resources and tips that will help you make your first professional job search a success!

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